Hand Lettered Valentine Notecards

Believe it or not, friends, we’re just about a month away from Valentine’s Day already! I’ve been getting lots of questions about how to use the hand lettering skills we’ve been talking about to create special cards, so I thought today I’d share with you a few simple ideas you can use to prepare for the upcoming holiday.

You’ll need:
Blank Notecards – I found this set of 24, complete with matching envelopes, for just $3 in the Target bargain section!
A permanent marker


My pack contained four different colored cards; three shades of pink plus gold. Although I usually use Tombow Dual Tip or Fudenosuke Brush pens for my lettering, I had to go with a permanent marker this time due to the shiny finish on the cards.


I want to show you several simple, honestly doable designs you can use to create your own hand lettered cards! Ready?
Design #1: Simple Love
All I did to create this one is write the word love, making sure to extend the beginning and end lines off of the card front.


Then, I went back and thickened each down stroke. For more info and step by step photos on this technique, check out the Basic Hand Lettering post!


You can leave it just like that if you want, or you can add the word “YOU” in the bottom right corner. I decided to accent mine with three short lines on either side of the word.


Here’s a look at both variations:


Design #2: Forever Yours
For this design, I used the same placement and writing technique, just changed the words to say, “forever yours.”


Design #3: je t’aime
French is the language of romance, so I thought it would be fun to make a few cards that had the French phrase for, “I love you.” Once again, I wrote on a diagonal, which I like to do so that it’s not too noticeable if my lettering isn’t perfectly straight.


Design #4: Be Mine
One of the most common sayings at Valentine’s Day is, “be mine.” I lettered this using the same brush alphabet and added a little heart as an embellishment.


Design #5: You & Me
Remember when we learned to make ampersands? This happens to be a great opportunity to use one! Draw a giant ampersand in the center of your card and embellish it. Then, add the words “you” and “me” on either side!


Design #6: Banner of Love
Show off your banner drawing skills with this fun design. Just draw your favorite kind of banner, then write “Love” inside. Leave it as is, or add “you” underneath.


Design #7: Hugs & Kisses
To create this simple design, just draw a large “X” and “O” using the Whimsical Print style alphabet. Color in the thick areas, or add a little extra pizzazz by using stripes or another pattern instead.


There you have it, seven different designs you can use to personalize your own love notes this Valentine’s Day!
Which one is your favorite?


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