6 Free Locker Printables

This school year, my boys are in 7th grade. I remember all too well that middle school is a tricky time in life, so I want my boys to start off the year surrounded by positive messages. Remember those super-easy DIY magnets we created? They’re perfect for holding up some printable hand lettered notes inside a locker, don’t you think?

My kids have several locker stops throughout the day, and each one is an opportunity to quickly read these positive messages. I created six different hand lettered printables, and I’m happy to share them with you to use for the kids in your life, or for your own office, classroom, or home.

Free Locker Printables

The first two are colorful reminders to make the right choices and to pursue the things you love.

These next two are a good reminder to try hard things, persevere, and ultimately conquer them! Whether it’s a hard test, sports tryouts, making new friends, or any other aspect of school and social life, I want my kids to believe they can and will succeed!

The final two locker printables focus on working to achieve goals and sometimes taking the path less traveled.

Which one is your favorite? Click the link below to download all six!

Download the free locker printables here.

To use them, just click the link, save whichever printables you want to your device, then print them! You can use your own printer or print them via a photo service like Shutterfly or Walmart. They are sized to print as 4×6″, but you can easily crop them to whatever sizes you like in your favorite photo editing software. All that’s left is to put them on display.

Don’t forget to check out our easy DIY Magnets to create a totally personalized locker!

I’d love to see how you use these printables! Share your photos and stories with us in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group. See you there.

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Free Locker Printables

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