5 Easy Fall Doodles

Fall is here, even though the weather in Maryland is still a warm 90 degrees! To help celebrate the season, here are 5 easy fall doodles you can use in your lettering projects, bullet journals, or home decor. Take a look…

Doodle #1: The Pumpkin

To draw a pumpkin, you’ll start by making what looks like a set of parenthesis, leaving some space in between. These two lines will be the outer edges of the pumpkin. Next, draw another set of parentheses inside the first. These lines should touch the previous ones at the top and bottom. Draw an oval in the center. Finally, add a stem and a small line on either side of it to give the pumpkin some dimension.

The final step is to add color! Pumpkins come in all shades of orange, as well as white and even green. The stem is usually brown, because it’s dried out by the time the pumpkin is picked. Feel free to turn your pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern by adding triangles for the eyes and nose, along with whatever kind of mouth you like.

Doodle #2: The Leaf

There are many different ways to draw a leaf (in fact, you can find several in my book Hand Lettering for Relaxation). Today, we are going to focus on the simplest one. The basic shape is similar to a raindrop; pointed at the top, then rounder and wider at the bottom. Add a curving line for the stem, color it in, and you have a pretty fall leaf. Leaves, of course, can be any shade of red, orange, yellow, green, or even brown. If you’d like to add more detail, you can draw short lines coming off the center stem and branching out as the veins of the leaf.


Doodle #3: Candy Corn

Love it or hate it, candy corn is definitely a symbol of fall. It’s very easy to draw; just start with a triangle that’s rounded instead of pointed in the corners. Then, draw two horizontal lines to divide the triangle into thirds. All that’s left is adding color! Traditional candy corn is white at the top, orange in the center, and yellow at the bottom.

Doodle #4: The Acorn

An acorn starts with a base that looks like a somewhat rounded “v” shape. Then, it needs a hat! Draw a squatty, rounded triangle shape on top of the “v”, then add a stem and some criss-crossed lines for detail. Finally, color it in using various shades of brown.

Doodle #5: A Slice of Pie

Homemade pie is one of my favorite things about fall, how about you? To draw a slice of this delicious dessert, you’ll start with a diagonal “v” shape. Add wavy lines at the top to form a crust. Connect the crust to the bottom of the “v.” Then, add any details like steam holes or whipped cream. Color it in and, voila! It looks good enough to eat.

What do you think? Are you ready to try your hand at these fall doodles? Practice drawing them step by step on some scrap paper, then you’ll be ready to put them to use in all kinds of fun ways. They look great on calendars, in bullet journals, and on cards, as well as in hand lettered designs. I can’t wait to see how you use them. Be sure to share your progress and projects in the Facebook group Amy Latta & Friends so we can all be inspired.

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And of course, don’t forget to put a Pin on these doodles so you can easily find them later and share them with a friend!

5 Easy Fall Doodles

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