Family Birthstone Necklace with Impress Art

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Family Birthstone Necklace

One great way to create really personal gifts is with metal stamping. It’s easy to make customized jewelry, keychains, ornaments, and more. This year, I wanted to make my mother-in-law and my mom special family necklaces that feature the initials and birthstones of their grandchildren. I got to use the new ImpressArt Crystal Setter Kit with Birthstone Crystals, and I absolutely loved how the necklaces turned out! Take a look…



Steel Stamping Block

Metal Stamping Hammer

Stamping Blanks: Alkeme Circle with Hole

Deco Letter Stamps, Uppercase, 6mm

ImpressArt Crystal Setter Kit with Birthstone Crystals

Stamp Enamel Marker, Black

Stamp Straight Tape

Soft, lint-free cloth

Jump Rings

Necklace chain


Step 1: Tape your first blank to the stamping block. 

This will hold it in place while you stamp to ensure a clean image.

Step 2: Place the letter stamp in the center of the blank and give the top a one firm tap with your hammer.

Make sure the side of the stamp with the ImpressArt logo is facing you; that means the stamp is positioned right side up. One solid tap is just right to make a good impression. If you hit the stamp multiple times, your stamp may move slightly in between, causing a messy image.

Step 3: Fill in the indented areas of the letter with the Stamp Enamel Marker.

Allow it to dry for several minutes, then gently rub off the excess using a soft cloth. This gives the appearance of being oxidized and makes your letter easier to read.

Step 4: Align the Crystal Setter Tool below the letter and give the top a firm tap.

This will create a small round indentation that’s just the perfect size for your crystal. The kit comes with three sizes of setters and crystals; I used the 2.5mm size for this necklace. I appreciated that there were six of each birthstone color in each size, because there are a lot of August birthdays in our family.

Step 5: Apply a small amount of glue to the recessed area and place the crystal on top.

You may want to have a pair of tweezers on hand to help you with this step.

Step 6: Attach a jump ring to each circle blank, then add the charms to a chain.

To open a jump ring, just grab it with pliers on both sides of the slit and gently twist them in opposite directions.

Once your charms are attached, the necklace is ready to wear or to give as a meaningful, personal gift!

Family Birthstone Necklace

There are lots of ways you can make this project your own, including stamping full names instead of initials, using other sizes and shapes of blanks, and more. That’s part of the fun – you can create whatever you like! Is there someone in your family who would love to receive a family birthstone necklace this holiday season? Don’t forget, if you like this project, Pin it for later or to share with a friend.

Family Birthstone Necklace

And before you go, be sure to check out my other holiday ideas and metal stamping tutorials! Happy creating!

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