Spring Home Decor Tips on a Budget

Want to give your home a bit of a refresh for Spring without spending a fortune? Here are a few tips I shared this week on Good Day PA!

Whole House Color Scheme

My first tip is one that I apply year-round. It’s something that takes time to cultivate, but once you do, it works wonderfully! I have a whole-house color scheme, which means that aside from my boys’ rooms, our entire home is decorated with teal and neutrals like gray, white, black, and wood. I have a coastal farmhouse decor style across the board, and what it allows me to do is take anything from any room and move it to another whenever I want. Furniture, wall art, knick-knacks, etc. can all easily transfer from one room to the next, so I can rearrange and freshen things up without spending a penny on anything new!

Add Greenery

Flowers and plants bring life to any room, so adding these to your home are sure to make it feel more like spring. If you have a black thumb like I do, faux succulents will do the trick! It’s also fun to choose or make decorative flowerpots for them, like the hand lettered ones I recently created. (Click here for a tutorial).

Hand Lettered Flowerpots

Change seasonal artwork.

If you have a chalkboard sign in your home, erase your winter themed quote and letter something fresh for spring. Also, there are tons of seasonal printables all over the internet, including here on the blog, so one 8×10 frame can be used year-round while you change what it displays when the season changes.

Change Throw Pillow Covers

Seasonal throw pillows are a simple way to brighten up a room and give it new life. Rather than purchasing, and then having to store, tons of pillows, just purchase a few pillow forms and then make or buy seasonal covers you can switch when the time is right. Of course, you can always make special shaped pillows also, like this bunny, to liven things up.

Spring Home Decor

These are just a few of the simple, budget-friendly ways you can decorate your home for spring! What are your favorite seasonal decorating tips? Be sure to share your photos and ideas in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group! See you there. Don’t forget to Pin these tips for later and to share with a friend!

Spring Home Decor Tips

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas! Particularly pleased with the idea of ​​adding greenery to the interior. After a cold winter, you want warmth and fresh colors!

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