Hole in One Donut Treats

If you’re looking for a sweet treat this summer that’s as fun to look at as it is to eat, we have the perfect idea for you! Little Crafter (who should probably be called Little Chef now!) is sharing his Hole in One Donut Treats. Based on his absolute favorite hobby, this idea transforms a plain donut into an edible golf green. Take a look:


You’ll need:

glazed (or plain) donuts

frosting (ours was green)

green sprinkles

mini marshmallows

pretzel sticks

fruit roll-ups

a knife

Spread frosting on top of your donuts, then add green sprinkles; this will be the grass. Make sure the hole is still visible in the center! Next, assemble your flag. Cut a triangle shape from a fruit roll up and use a bit of frosting to attach it to a pretzel stick. Insert it into the donut, then add a marshmallow to be the golf ball.

It’s that easy, and trust us, it’s just as tasty as it looks. Little Chef also recommends playing with your food by trying to gently toss the marshmallow “ball” into the hole. Hope you enjoy this sweet treat!

Hole in One Donut Treats

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