Grilled Chicken Flatbread Pizza

Summer is great for so many reasons; warm weather, the ability to play and explore outdoors, extra time with family, vacations, and more! And let’s not forget delicious summer recipes! Frozen drinks. Popsicles. Fresh fruit. Corn on the Cob. Grill Food. This season is full of yummy, healthy choices perfect for every meal. One of my personal favorites is this tasty Grilled Chicken Flatbread Pizza, made with fresh ingredients and perfect as an appetizer, snack, or meal!


Every recipe has an inspiration. This one was inspired by an appetizer on the menu at Olive Garden. It’s a particular favorite of mine, so I paid attention to the ingredients and did my best to recreate it at home.

It’s actually quite simple to do, and only takes about 15 minutes to make, prep and cooking time combined. Also, it’s easy to tweak the recipe to accommodate different diets. You can make a vegetarian version simply by leaving the chicken off. Need to go gluten-free? Just look for {or make your own} gluten-free flatbread.


It’s a quick, light, and delicious meal the whole family can enjoy. Since it turned out so well, I wanted to share it! Food Lion recently rolled out a new website including a recipe portal where you can share your own favorite recipes and browse for new ones uploaded by other users! It was simple to add my Grilled Chicken Flatbread Pizza recipe; all I did was create an account, choose the “Recipes” tab, then click the button for “Submit a Recipe.” I followed the prompts to type in the name of my recipe, uploaded a photo of the finished product, then added ingredients and directions. There’s an option to add a photo for each step too, so I uploaded a few.


At the bottom of the page, I checked off all the categories my recipe fit into, then clicked “next.” The site gave me a preview of how my recipe would appear. It looked good to me, so I went ahead and submitted it for approval. Now, it’s listed for anyone and everyone to see!


The rest of the site is just as easy to use as the recipe portal. You can check out the Weekly Ads and Specials, find a Food Lion near you, sign up for the MVP Program, and best of all, you can load coupons right onto your MVP card. No more cutting them out then forgetting to bring them to the store. Just load them right onto your card with one click and they’re ready to go next time you shop. .

Be sure to check it out, and maybe even add a few of your own favorite recipes to the portal so others can enjoy them too. While you’re there, you can get the full recipe for my Grilled Chicken Flatbread Pizza! You know I’m all about recipes that are quick, easy, and honestly doable; this one is all three. I really think you’re going to love it!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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