What’s that? You aren’t the tiniest bit creative? I’m willing to make you a bet. I bet that you CAN do the projects listed on this page.

I’ve met an awful lot of people in my career who feel exactly like you, and guess what? All of them have been capable of creating beautiful things. Including you. So what if you don’t have any experience? That’s why I’m here! The projects below are designed just for folks who feel like they need a remedial course in the arts & crafts department. We’ll go step by step, use just a few simple supplies, and I promise, you will be making things in no time.

Check out the categories below and choose whatever interests you the most. There are tons of posts available in each category, so when you find something you enjoy, be sure to click below the photos for even more ideas and tutorials. Let’s get going!


We’re going to start at the very beginning, using your own writing {yes, even if it’s terrible} and any markers and paper you have on hand.

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There are so many types of projects you can do with hand lettering! The ones featured below are great for when you’re just starting out because they don’t require any special supplies. If you have a Sharpie, you’re good to go.

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If you can apply stickers or tape and use a pair of scissors, you can create these easy DIY projects. Most of them take less than ten minutes but are cool enough to impress your family and friends. Just think how fun it will be to say, “I made that!”


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These projects don’t require any special tools or skills to create, and will have you accessorizing with your own creations. If you can apply glue or use a pair of pliers, you can make any of these that you like.

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Always wanted to learn how to crochet? I have you covered. We’ll begin with the most basic thing of all, how to make a slip knot to start a project. Then we’ll go through each of the basic stitches one at a time with lots of photos to help you as you learn.


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