Beaded Windchime

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is over and we’re looking ahead to March and spring?  Hooray!  Spring can’t come soon enough for this Artsy Mama {or my Little Crafter, who cannot wait to play outside again}!
We decided to make a little something to hang outside in the hopes that nice weather is just around the corner!
beaded windchime, terracotta pot, painted windchime

– terracotta pot
– acrylic paint {LC’s was a birthday gift from our friends at}
– assorted beads
– some kind of cord: ours was elastic, but you can use anything your beads will fit on
– hot glue

STEP 1: Paint your pot and let it dry.  Little Crafter opted to use his new favorite method, which involved putting four shades of blue paint on a paper plate, mixing it with his hands, and rubbing it onto the pot.
He thinks you should try it too.
STEP 2: While the pot dries, string your beads.  You can make as many strings as you like; we opted for three.  Elastic, thread, yarn, fishing line, jute, or any kind of cording will work for this as long as the holes in your beads are large enough.  I tied a knot at the bottom of each string, then let LC do the beading all by himself.

Leave some extra cord at the top so you have room to glue it in the pot.  I tied a knot at the top of each string to make sure the beads stayed on.

STEP 3: Glue beaded cords to the inside of the pot.  This isn’t going to look pretty, but it’s inside. Shhh! Use plenty of glue so that the weight of the beads doesn’t make it fall apart.

Here’s how it should look once the beaded strings are glued in place.  All that’s left is to make a hanger!

STEP 4: Attach a loop to the top of the pot to hang it.  We used a shoelace.  I threaded it up through the hole in the bottom of the pot, then back down and knotted it inside.
Then, hang it and enjoy!
Are you starting your Spring projects yet?
Happy Crafting!

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  1. That is SO cute!!! This is giving me some ideas of how to use up some beads my daughter has, that she just keeps making strings with…and more strings…and more strings…you get the idea, lol!

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