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Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!!  Wishing you a day filled with love and joy.  In Artsy-Land, while we of course celebrate the love between my husband and myself, we also really focus on the love we have for each other as a family.  We try to make it a special day for Little Crafter {he’s particularly excited about presents and spaghetti for dinner}, and we also like involving him in creating gifts for Mommy and Daddy.
Here’s a peek at the gift we worked together to make for hubby this year.  I like how the tree kind of represents a family tree and that our love as a family is always growing.
Valentine canvas, tree of love, vinyl canvas
Canvas {mine is 12×16}
Adhesive vinyl
Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Studio
Transfer Tape
Little helper {optional}
STEP 1: Download the free image from the Silhouette Online Store.  It will only be free this week, so even if you think you may not use it until next year, go get it!
STEP 2: Cut the image.  I cut the tree from brown vinyl, the words from light blue, and I divided up the hearts, cutting 5 from dark pink, 5 from light pink, and 6 from red.
STEP 3: Use transfer tape to place the tree image onto your canvas.
First you peel off the backing and place the sticky side of the transfer tape on top of your cut vinyl.

When you peel it up, your cut image will should be stuck to it.  Like so:

Then, line it up on your canvas and rub.  When you pull the transfer tape up, the vinyl *should* be stuck to the canvas.  This proved a bit tricky, as it wanted to come back up with the tape sometimes.  I ended up helping it along with my fingernails a bit.  LC was my expert rubber…such a helper.

STEP 4: Repeat process for the words.
Can you do this without the transfer tape and just use them like stickers?  Of course.  Is it impossible to get everything straight and lined up that way?  Absolutely.

STEP 5: Stick hearts onto the branches wherever you {or your small helper} like!

Ta-da!  Simple, quick, cheap, easy…all my favorite things in a craft project!  Little Crafter and I had fun making it together and except for the part where he loudly asked me after dinner, “Mommy can we tell Daddy about the tree?,” it was an all-around success.

I’m thrilled with how it turned out!  I also got hubby something I know he wanted; a Tervis Tumbler {we’re both addicted to them} that shows off our team pride!  Woot!

And he, of course, gave me my present early…my Torrey Smith SuperBowl jersey!!  Since I’m allergic to flowers, make my own jewelry, and don’t eat candy {I save my calories for Starbucks and Edy’s ice cream},  it was the perfect choice!

Little Crafter is getting Angry Birds gummy snacks, a Valentine Ring Pop, a stuffed elephant, and an Angry Birds watch.  Shhhhh!

Hope you have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!  Love and hugs from the Artsy Family!


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  1. I downloaded that shape yesterday and was so tempted to use it, but I didn’t have a vinyl color for the tree part. I need to stock up on a better range of colors! I LOVE how yours turned out!! Very cute!

  2. Amy, saw your project at 52Mantels and had to stop over, say hello and tell you I love it! THEN I see the Ravens Jersey and am so excited! Another Ravens fan, yeah! Am pinning! ~Cindy,

  3. This is uber cute. I have the WORST time getting vinyl to stick to canvas. Honestly, I have a really hard time getting Silhouette’s vinyl to stick to ANYTHING. I wrote someone one about it and they suggested getting the outdoor heavy duty kind. That does seem to help. Any vinyl I get from PYP or Expressions Vinyl works way better for me. 🙂

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