Easy DIY Stacking Bracelets: Crocheted Leather Cord Bracelet

Hey, friends!  It’s time for the fifth and final tutorial in the Stacking Bracelets series!  Hope you’ve enjoyed the others!  If you missed any, just click on their name to go to the tutorial.

Half-Beaded Bracelet
Pearl Love Bracelet
Coral and Silver Bracelet
Leather and Gemstone Bracelet

Today, we’re finishing up the series using a fun technique: Crochet!

Crochet Leather Bracelet

– Leather cord
– Toggle Clasp
– Scissors
– Crochet hook {I used size J}

I know many of you followed along with the Crochet 101 Series, so here is a chance to practice those new skills in a fun way!  All we’re doing is a simple slip knot and chain stitch, but we’re using leather cord in place of yarn!  Easy peasy!

Step 1: Make a slip knot in your cord.  Be sure to leave enough excess cord behind the knot to tie a piece of the clasp on later.

Step 2:  Chain stitch until the bracelet reaches almost all the way around your wrist.  You don’t want it all the way, or when you add the toggle, it’ll be too big.  Luckily, these stitches are incredibly easy to pull out, so if it gets too long, no worries, just undo a few of the stitches until it fits well.

If you happened to miss Crochet 101, here are links to the two simple stitches you’ll need along with step by step photos and instructions.  Just substitute cord for yarn!
Slip Knot
Chain Stitch

Crochet Stacking Bracelet

Step 3: Finish off and tie one end of the toggle clasp to each side of your bracelet.

Crochet Stacking Bracelets

See!  It’s super simple, once you have the chain stitch down!  Toggle clasps are a lot of fun because you can get them in all kinds of styles and shapes; I have some heart shaped ones, some really plain ones, some fancy ones…you can pick and choose based on whatever look you want!

Crochet Stacking Bracelets

Now, our stack is complete!

Stacking Bracelets

What do you think?!  I love each one individually, but I’m crazy about them all together in the stack!  Plus, you can wear any combination of them, depending on what your outfit is.  Can you see yourself making and wearing this?

Hugs & Glitter,


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    1. I’m sorry the directions are unclear. Did you click through to the Crochet 101 chain stitch tutorial? You may want to try using Chrome or Firefox in lieu of Internet Explorer if you are having trouble seeing the photos.

    1. Hmm…I think that one came from Hobby Lobby, but I’m not positive…I had it in my stash. 🙂 I’m sure you can find some super cute ones anywhere you look, though!

  1. What brand and type of cord are you using? I tried this with art minds leather lace and it was too stiff and the stitches didn’t look like stitches

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