Teardrop Dangle Earrings

Today I have a simple but stunning project for you; teardrop dangle earrings made with Miracle Beads!  Take a look…

Teardrop Dangle Earrings

TIME REQUIRED: less than 5 minutes
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: beginner/easy
SPECIAL SKILLS/TOOLS: basic wire loop making


Mine were provided by Goody Beads. To get the exact beads I used, you can use the links below.
– Teardrop Miracle Beads {mine are 30 mm blue}
20 gauge Silver Plated Headpins with Ball Top
Sterling Silver Filled French Ear Wires
Needle nose pliers, Flat nose pliers, Wire cutters

I chose to use Miracle Beads for this project because I wanted something that would really be a statement accessory.  What makes these beads special is that there’s a clear layer of acrylic on top so they appear to shimmer and almost glow from within.  It’s hard to truly capture the essence of their iridescence in a photo; if you see them in person, you’ll know what I mean.  The other nice feature about them is that they’re incredibly lightweight, so even though I chose large ones, they’re not heavy at all in my ears.


If you know how to make a simple wire loop, making these earrings couldn’t be easier.

Step 1: Place the bead onto the headpin.  I like to use headpins with balls on the end because I think it makes the earrings look extra fancy, plus it solves the problem of sometimes having beads with holes that are bigger than the top of a regular headpin.

Step 2: Make a wire loop.

Step 3: Attach your loop to an ear wire.


That’s it!  They’re ready to wear!  If 30 mm seems a little long for your taste {they’re definitely statement earrings at this size!}, try the same thing using a slightly smaller bead.

The earrings below feature a 15 mm Teardrop Miracle Bead in Turquoise, so they’re literally half the size of the other pair.


To make them, just follow the exact same steps listed above.  Miracle Beads come in other shapes too, like round, oval, and tube, and every color of the rainbow.


These earrings take just a few minutes to make and they’re ready to wear.  They’re very eye catching and are a great conversation piece because of the beads themselves.  What do you think?  Would you wear earrings in this style?  What color beads would you choose?


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