Clay Turkeys

Thanksgiving is just a week away, and Little Crafter and I are getting festive by making ourselves some cute clay turkeys to sit on the table. You can’t eat them, but they sure are adorable…and they’re easy to make too. Here’s how you can create your own:

Clay Turkeys


– Sculpey Premo! Clay in assorted colors {we used brown, white, black, red, yellow, orange, and green}
– baking sheet lined with foil
– oven

Step 1: Roll a ball of brown clay. It can be whatever size you like, just keep in mind that this is your turkey’s body, so it will determine how big your clay figure becomes.


Step 2: Roll and flatten two small balls of brown clay to be the turkey’s wings. Gently press one end of each wing onto the sides of the body.

Step 3: Roll balls of assorted colored clay, one for each feather. Flatten, shape, and stick to the back of the body. Little Crafter chose to make short, rounded feathers, while I wanted longer and more pointed ones. To make the shape of mine, I rolled them out like hot dogs instead of balls, then flattened them and pinched the ends to form points.


Step 4: Create eyes for your turkey by rolling tiny white and black balls of clay, flattening them, and placing the black ones on top. Stick them to your turkey’s face.

Step 5: Roll a small ball of orange or yellow for a beak and gently use your fingers to shape it into a pyramid. For the snood {the technical term for the red thing on his beak} roll a red piece of clay like a hot dog, flatten it, and drape it over the beak.


Step 6: Roll and flatten two balls for the turkey’s feet. Use your fingernail to create two indentations in the front of each foot. Attach the feet to the bottom of your turkey’s body.

Step 7: Bake on a foil lined baking sheet according to package directions. Ours were finished after 15 minutes in a 275 degree {F} oven.

Here’s how Little Crafter’s turned out! He is so proud…and rightfully so!


And this is my turkey…which LC says is really good but not quite as good as his.


These cute little fellas are really easy to make…honestly. If Little Crafter can do it at six years old, I promise you can too. It’s just a fun, festive little project and you can’t go wrong. No special tools required, just a little bit of Sculpey and you’re ready to go. If you make a few, I’d love to see them!


Gobble Gobble!

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