Sock Chicks and Bunnies

Let’s get ready for spring with these adorable stuffed chicks and bunnies made from fuzzy socks! They’re perfect for putting in Easter baskets or sitting on your mantle or shelf. Here’s how you can create your own.

Image contains four small stuffed chicks and a stuffed bunny made from pastel colored fuzzy socks.

How To Make Sock Chicks and Bunnies


fuzzy socks (1 sock per chick/bunny)

felt (I used yellow)


Poly-Fil and Poly Pellets weighted stuffing beads

yarn or thread

google eyes or buttons

hot glue gun and glue sticks


Step 1: Cut the sock and stuff with Poly Pellets and Poly-Fil.

Make a cut below the heel to create a tube. Add filler until you create a ball that’s the size you’d like your chick’s body to be. Then, tie a piece of string or thread around the top and cut off the excess sock.

Step 2: Cut and glue felt feet and beak.

Cut a diamond shape for the beak. Fold it in half and add a bit of glue inside the corners. Then, glue it to the center of the chick’s body. Cut two feet and glue them to the bottom of the body.

Step 3: Add eyes.

Glue google eyes or buttons above the beak.

Step 4: Cut and glue wings.

Cut two teardrop shapes from the leftover sock piece and glue one to each side of the body.

Image contains Amy’s hand holding a blue stuffed chick made from a fuzzy sock and felt.

Making a bunny

To make the bunny variation, don’t cut the sock first. Add Poly Pellets and Poly-Fil to form a ball, tie off the first stuffed section, then add more Poly-Fil and tie off a second section for the head. Cut a nose from felt and glue it onto the head along with google eyes or buttons. Trim the excess sock above the head to form two ears. Glue a pom-pom on the back for a tail.

Image contains bunnies and chicks made from pastel colored socks.

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