A Sweet Gift Idea with Don Victor® Honey

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This time of year, all of us are looking for gift ideas. Family can be hard enough to buy for, but what do we give our bosses, neighbors, and co-workers? What about our kids’ teachers? Today, I want to share an easy, affordable gift idea that I think you’re going to like. It’s got two parts; one is edible and one goes right on the tree!

DIY Ornament and Honey Gift

Don Victor® Honey is ideal for gifting and entertaining  at the holidays, because while it’s delicious gourmet honey, it’s also inexpensive making it the perfect choice for lots of the folks on your list. It’s raw, filtered honey, not heated or processed in any other way, plus it actually includes the honeycomb itself! Let’s take a look at how to turn it into a quick gift by adding a hand lettered gift tag ornament. First, I’ll show you how to create the ornament design from scratch yourself, so you can make your own version if you like. I also have a free printable of mine in case you’d rather skip that part. Then, I’ll show you how to turn it into a cute little ornament to tie onto your Don Victor® Orange Blossom Comb Honey Globe Jar! Ready? Let’s get started!


Creating the Ornament Design

I created mine digitally using the iPad Pro, but you can just as easily do it with markers and paper.

You’ll need:

White Cardstock
Round object to trace
Black Brush Pen
Colored Markers/Pencils/Crayons


iPad Pro
Procreate App
Apple Pencil
White Cardstock

Step 1: Trace a circle.
You are going to be placing this on a small piece of birch wood, so you’ll want to trace something that’s close in size to the slice you’re using. Typically, they range from 1-3/8″ x 2″ wide.

If you’re using the iPad, just import a circle graphic. It doesn’t matter what size it is, because you’ll resize later to print.

Step 2: Pencil in the position of your words and image.
Don’t worry about style or technique here; my original sketches are very messy! Just try to get your words and pictures spaced out about where you want them to be. I wrote, “you’re so” at the top, mirroring the curve of the circle, then printed, “SWEET” below it. I drew a very rough banner and the basic shape of my little bee.



Step 3: Trace over your words using brush lettering or faux calligraphy and print.

If you’re new to hand lettering, check out my beginner tutorial to see how easy it is to create this style of writing! You can do it, I promise. If you’re using markers, I recommend the Tombow Fudenosuke Soft Tip for the brush lettering and the Monotwin for printing. When I work in the Procreate app, I use a Light Calligraphy Brush and a Monoline Brush instead. If you’re doing this digitally, don’t forget to create a new layer before tracing your sketch or you won’t be able to erase/hide it.



Step 4: Trace your embellishments.

Use a fine point marker {or Monoline brush} to trace the banner and your bee. To draw the bee, create a sideways teardrop shape with a line coming out from the smaller end as a stinger. Next, draw some slightly curved vertical lines to create stripes on the body area and two upside down teardrop shapes for wings. All that’s left to do is add antennae and a face. Once the bee is complete, draw a series of short lines leading from the stinger outward to show flight and continue the lines all the way around your circle.


Step 5: Hide/erase your pencil lines and add color!

Because I was working digitally, I was able to re-color my lettering to make, “SWEET” white so that it really stood out against the red of the banner. If you are lettering by hand and want a similar effect, don’t trace over the word with black. Color your banner first, then use a white gel pen to write your letters on top.


You're So Sweet Bee Design - Hand lettered

Ta-da, your “sweet” little design is ready to become a gift tag and ornament!

To print and use my design, click here and download it to your device.

Creating Your Ornament


You’ll need:

Don Victor® Orange Blossom Comb Honey Globe Jar
Drawn/printed Bee Ornament Design
Hot glue
Glue or Mod Podge
Mini Birch Slice


Step 1: Cut a piece of twine and tie it in a knot. Glue the knot to the back of your wood slice.


Step 2: Cut around the edges of your bee design.

Step 3: Use glue or Mod Podge to adhere the design to the front of the wood slice.

If you like, you can apply a coat of matte Mod Podge on top of the design too, to seal it.


If you want to personalize it, you can write a message or name on the back of the ornament before gifting it.

Step 4: Tie your ornament to the jar of honey and enjoy giving it away!


There you have it: easy, inexpensive, “gourmet” gifts you can make for less than $10. This sweet treat is perfect for teachers, bosses, friends, and just about anyone else on your list {plus, you’ll totally want to keep one for yourself}! You can find Don Victor® Honey in your local Walmart store, located in the Hispanic aisle.


Not only is it a great choice for gifting, Don Victor® Honey can help with your holiday entertaining too! Did you know that even the honeycomb can be eaten? It’s true! Here are a few tasty ways to enjoy it:

* Spread it on a hot toasted slice of bread, English muffin, biscut, or pancakes

* Add it as a topping on French toast

* Serve it in the center of a cheese and cracker platter…guests can top their cheese cracker with a small chunk of the comb for a bit of sweetness!

Ideally, you’ll want to store your honey at room temperature, like on a kitchen counter or pantry shelf. Refrigeration accelerates the crystallization process, which is just a natural process of the sugar molecules moving around. If your honey does crystallize, it’s not a sign of spoilage, impurity, age, or quality, and it’s reversible too. Simply place the jar in warm water and stir the honey until the crystals dissolve.


So, what do you think? Who on your list will love this sweet gift? For more inspiration and information about Don Victor® Honey, be sure to check out the brand on Facebook and Pinterest. Happy gift giving!

Honey and Ornament Gift DIY

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