All About Erin Day: Part 2

Friends, the other day I shared with you about a very special opportunity I had, with the help of a nonprofit organization called Together Rising, to bring some much-needed encouragement to Erin in the form of a day all about her. She wasn’t responsible for anyone but herself, and her only job was to have a great time. I thought I’d share with you how the day went!

Beforehand, I wrote out each activity on a Project Life card so that Erin found out one piece of the puzzle at a time. Then, later if she wants to scrapbook the day, she can use the cards as keepsakes too.


We started off with breakfast at Starbucks, of course, where Erin had a breakfast sandwich and Mocha Frappuccino. I had my usual, a butter croissant and a Grande Nonfat Iced Salted Caramel Mocha, nonfat, no whip, extra caramel drizzle, and caramel crunchies. I’m not complicated.


After breakfast, we headed to my favorite local salon and spa where Erin started things off with an hour-long Pregnancy Massage.


While I waited for her to finish her massage, I got a little eyebrow waxing done to get ready for Haven! Holy ouch!



After the massage was finished, we had some good quality bestie time while getting side-by-side pedicures.



Erin totally copied me and got the same color I did.


After our relaxing morning of salon/spa bliss, we headed to a local favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. Erin particularly enjoys their chips and salsa.


She got an order of fried quesadillas, which looked delish! I got regular chicken quesadillas, which I thought I took a photo of. Apparently not.


After lunch, Erin got to go on a shopping spree. Thanks to Together Rising, she had $250 to spend anywhere she wanted. Is anyone surprised that she chose Michaels first? We had fun choosing things for Princess C’s nursery, some of which you’re going to see in the upcoming months as Erin turns them into gorgeous projects!


When the shopping was finished, we headed back to my house for about half an hour of relaxing conversation on the couch until Erin’s husband met us and the four of us {Erin, Steve, hubby, and I} went to a very special place for dinner.


If you’ve got a Melting Pot anywhere near you, you should try it out at least once! Four courses of deliciousness, finishing up with all kinds of tasty things dipped in chocolate! Erin and Steve got some much-needed time out together and we all enjoyed the double date {I offered to let them go solo, but they both wanted the double date experience}. I wasn’t going to argue!



Overall, it was an amazing day and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do something special for a very deserving lady! Erin, I hope your day was everything you imagined it would be and that you feel refreshed and renewed as you head into the rest of the third trimester!

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