Back to School with Box Tops & Boise Paper

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Box Tops Project

School is about to start here in Artsy Land! Little Crafter has one more week of summer vacation, then it’s back to the classroom. Needless to say, we’ve been shopping for school supplies and making sure LC has everything he needs to be successful starting on the very first day. While we’re choosing supplies, we always keep an eye out for products marked with the Box Tops for Education™ label.


The Box Tops for Education™ program supports schools by helping them to earn money for important supplies. For each specially marked label students turn in, their school earns ten cents. While a dime may not sound like much, added up over time, an individual school can earn up to $20,000 annually! Every label helps, so we try to do our part buying participating products and turning them in to LC’s teachers.

When it comes to choosing our paper for the printer and LC’s future school projects, Boise Paper is the exclusive office paper brand that participates in Box Tops. You’ll find the special label on select packages, including POLARIS Premium Multipurpose Paper, Premium Copy Paper, Premium Inkjet Paper, and Premium Laser Paper.


Not only do we get the trusted quality we’ve come to expect from Boise POLARIS paper, we’re helping raise money for the school at the same time.

Remember, every label counts, and when everyone works together, dimes add up to dollars that fund important supplies! If you’d like to help raise awareness at your school for this program, there are lots of little things you can do that will encourage others to save their labels too. Whether you’re a teacher, the president of the PTA, or just a regular parent like me, you can help spread the word about Box Tops. Here’s a super-quick and simple project you can do to encourage the families in your kids’ classes to join in.

You’ll need:

wooden pencils
FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint {I used Pink Melon and Ocean Blue}
Painters’ tape or washi tape
Fine tip permanent marker {mine is the Tombow Monotwin}


Step 1: Tape off the eraser and metal part of the pencil.


Step 2: Paint the pencil your color of choice.
Keep in mind that you’ll be writing with a black marker on top of the paint, so make sure to use a color that’s light enough to let that show.


Step 3: Use a permanent marker to write a saying on the pencils.
I used, “Box Tops Rock,” but you could also do, “Save Your Box Tops,” or anything else you like.


Step 4: Hand out the pencils along with this free printable, printed on Boise POLARIS paper, of course!


What do you think? Is this something you’d like to do to help your school get off to a great start earning money with this program? Don’t forget to save your own labels too, and to look for specially marked products like Boise paper when you’re choosing your supplies.



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