“BOO” Your Neighbors with Cricut Joy

This Halloween, things look a little (ok, a lot) different in the world, which means that trick-or-treating as we know it won’t be happening in many of our neighborhoods. That doesn’t mean all the fun is canceled, though! Here is a contact-free way to surprise your neighbors and friends with a sweet treat…no tricks involved.

How to “BOO” Your Neighbors

You’ll need:

a plastic bucket with a handle

a white plastic tablecloth

lots of candy or other goodies

Cricut Joy

Smart Vinyl: black


Cricut Joy Glitter Gel Pen

Cricut Joy cutting mat

BOO! Ghost Tag Design File (optional)

string or ribbon


Step 1: Fill a bucket with treats.

Candy, stickers, erasers, small toys, microwave popcorn, and packaged snacks make great filler ideas!

Step 2: Cover the bucket with a white plastic tablecloth.

Find the center of the tablecloth and hold it over top of the bucket. Cut a slit, then gently slide the handle through. Gather the rest of the tablecloth together at the bottom of the bucket and tie it with string.

Step 3: Use your Cricut Joy to cut vinyl eyes and a mouth, then apply them to the “face.”

To do this, I went into Design Space and created a new canvas. Then, I chose to add a shape and selected a circle. I sized it to 1.5″, then duplicated it twice. I left two of the circles alone (the eyes), then unlocked the proportions on the third one and extended it to become an oval for the mouth. You can also use a smile or any other shapes you like.

Send the design to your machine and follow the prompts to load Smart Vinyl and begin the cut. Once the cut is finished, weed the vinyl (remove everything that isn’t part of your design). Then, adhere the vinyl shapes to the tablecloth’s surface like stickers.

Step 4: Use the Joy to draw and cut the message tag and attach it to the ghost.

You can create your own tag by combining your favorite text and images in Design Space, or you can use the one I made! You can find it here, just open the link and click “Make it!”

Follow the prompts to load a marker or pen into the blade holder and load your cardstock into the machine. I chose to use a Black Glitter Gel Pen, but you can also use a Cricut Metallic Pen or regular Cricut Pen. The Cricut Joy will do the drawing first, then prompt you to replace the blade and make the final cut. Feel free to use any color cardstock you prefer; white, orange, or something else!

Tie a string to the tag, then tie it to the ghost. Feel free to add your name and/or a personal message to the front or back of the tag if you want your neighbor to know the gift is from you.

Step 5: Hang it on the porch of a friend or neighbor!

Can you imagine what a fun surprise it would be to find one of these on your own front porch? In fact, if you’re a parent or grandparent with kids who are bummed about missing trick-or-treating, why not make one for your own family, then ring the doorbell and let them find it!

I love this idea because it’s a fun and easy project that will bring some joy to the people in your life this Halloween in a totally safe way.

"BOO" Halloween Surprise

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