…Out Like a Lamb?

 I’ve decided that Mother Nature is inappropriately named.  No real Mother would produce gray, drizzly, 30-something degree days in the first week of Spring.  Especially not after giving us sunny days in the 70’s less than a week ago.  It’s just cruel, particularly for a certain child I know who decided after last week’s pleasant weather that he is now entitled to go to the playground every single day.  Both of us are feeling a bit (ok, a lot) mopey about it, so I decided we needed to find a constructive way to express our frustration.  Since socking Mother Nature in the nose isn’t an option, we decided to make a fun Spring craft that expresses our wish for March to go out like a lamb.  Warm, gentle weather, we’re waiting!
I got this idea from a weekly e-newsletter I receive called Macaroni Kid, who in turn got it from this blog.
– paper plate                                         – 2 large googly eyes
– cotton balls                                         – glue (we used good old Elmer’s)
– black paint and paintbrush                 – ribbon (optional)
– black and pink cardstock
STEP 1: Cut ears from black cardstock and set aside. Cut nose and mouth from pink cardstock and set aside. *If working with a young child, you may want to have this done ahead of time!*
STEP 2: Paint back side of paper plate black. This will be the lamb’s face.
STEP 3: Glue two rows of cotton balls around outer edge of plate.
STEP 4: Glue googly eyes, mouth, nose, and ears in place.
STEP 5: If you like, tie a bow made of springtime ribbon and glue to lamb’s ear.  Enjoy!
LC loved this project and was able to do most of it “all by his-self.”  I have to say, though, that my personal favorite part of the project was getting the supplies. We had almost all the materials already, but we needed cotton balls and I also needed a particular type of pasta that I can only get at Safeway.  We don’t normally shop there because it’s about 20 minutes away and we have a Weis within walking distance, but that may change now that LC has discovered these mini carts!  Both of us freaked out when we saw them.  He was the best shopper ever, and he didn’t run into anything, which is more than I can often say for myself!  And he was just so cute pushing the cart and putting stuff in it (although I had to grab a few things he tried to sneak in there before we made it to the check-out line)!  Admittedly it was a fun day after all – a super shopping trip, lunch and quality time with Grammy and Great-Grandma, and an adorable fluffy lamb craft.  Take that, Mother Nature. :p

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  1. This is adorable…such a cute idea…
    He is such a super helper..I’ll bet he really enjoyed using that little cart.
    I’m with you guys…I am SO ready for nicer weather…this cold is making me grumpy…
    But that lamb makes me smile 🙂
    What a fun Mama-Noah project.

  2. The time I spent with you, Mom Latta and sweet Noah were the only WARM thing about this day!!! When I returned to my house I curled up with a blanket and sat by my electric heater…… my body may have been warm but my heart was cold and lonely without my Noah and the warmth of some bright sunshine. SPRING where are you?

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