Makeover for a Vintage Room Divider

Hi friends!  Jen from Girl in the Garage here again sharing another lovely furniture upcycle with you- and a bit of advice today too.  I spotted this very cool vintage room divider at a boutique thrift store and knew it had so much potential.  (FYI “boutique thrift store” means they seek out and buy cool secondhand items and then re-sell them in their store for a profit.  Usually I find unique decorative items but occasionally they have furniture too.)  That is totally my definition by the way!

It was in great shape and I loved the spindles and curves – and the top reminded me of the Taj Mahal.  🙂

When you’re buying pieces for your home or even to makeover and then sell, it’s important to really love the item – especially if you’re planning to put a little work into it.  You don’t want to get halfway through the project and then get bored with it!

I chose my favorite fabulous paint color: Provence Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.  This one little quart has painted 3 side tables, one bookcase, and now this divider – and there’s still paint left for a couple more projects.  This type of paint is great for low prep time and cleanup.  If you’d like more info I wrote an in-depth review on painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.

I used my trusty Purdy brush and a little artist brush for the tighter areas.  For a seemingly simple makeover, did you see all those spindles?  There are 54 of them!!!  I spread this project out over a few days just because my wrist kept getting tired.

Also you can see my ceiling in the photo below – this divider is about SEVEN feet tall!  I had to use a ladder just to reach the top of it.   😉   #shortgirlproblems

The paint job isn’t perfect because I like how it looks a little unfinished and distressed.  Sometimes it’s fine not to worry about perfection; just paint it until you’re happy with how it looks!  (Tip: You can use sandpaper to make a piece look more distressed.  The more you rub, the more distressed it will be- and whatever color is underneath will show through.)

I thought the vintage Tiffany blue piece would look great staged with my fab gold accent table from Target.  I love these colors together – I even painted a pair of matching tables in these two colors.

Have you painted any furniture?  Do you have any questions you’d like me to answer about painting?

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Jen {aka Girl in the Garage}

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  1. Beautiful!! I love the distressed look. What a great piece!! The only furniture I painted so far is a bar stool that I painted bright red because it is my nightstand. My bed is high and it was the perfect height. It turned out great, but I didn’t distress it…I was a little hesitant that it wouldn’t turn out right. Love your room divider!!

  2. So I have this same exact piece and I am refinishing it as well. I am just curious as to what company made it and if you knew anything about the piece for selling purposes. I’m trying to find a fair price to put on it once i have put my touch on mine as well.

  3. Thanks for this! I just found one of these (in a vintage distressed cream finish – kinda like the more 70’s french provincial take on furniture-type finish), after just spotting a dark one at a flea market a few weeks before. When moving it, I noticed the maker as ‘Beau | Craft Furniture’, but can’t find anything else under that name. I believe these are 70’s or very late 60s, especially based on the finish of mine. Can’t wait to repaint it!

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