DIY Heart Midi Ring

Have you jumped on the midi ring bandwagon yet?
Chances are, you just had one of three instantaneous responses when you read that question.

1. Yes!  I love them!
2. I think they’re ridiculous.
3. What the heck is a midi ring?

In case you fall into category #3, I’m talking about one of the most popular new jewelry trends; rings that fit above the first knuckle {the one closest to your palm}.  Some people wear them even higher on the fingers, or stack them at various heights.  Honestly, when I first started seeing these rings pop up on Pinterest, I thought they looked like people were trying to wear rings that didn’t fit.  But when I was in NY, all the Lucky staffers, our P&G rep, and members of the glam squad were all rocking them and they looked totally chic.  So, I decided it was at least worth a try to make one and see how I felt about it on me.  Take a look:

DIY Heart Midi Ring

DIY Heart Midi Ring

This cost me a total of less than $1 to make.  All you need are:

– a heart charm
– two eye pins
– a ring sizer
– wire cutters and needle nose pliers

I bought my heart at Lima Beads; it’s the Stampt Antique Copper Cutout Heart, and it cost a whopping 70 cents.  I noticed when I went to get the link for you that they’re currently out of stock, but they do also have it in pewter and antique gold.

DIY Heart Midi Ring

This is seriously SO easy to make.  All you do is open the looped end of two eyepins and attach them to one side of your heart.  Wrap them around a ring sizer to make them curve and create the size you want.  Bend the other end of the eyepins at a 90 degree angle at the spot where you want them to join the other side of the heart and form wire loops, cutting off the excess {for a full photo tutorial of how to make wire loops, see my Beading 101 post}.  Then, just open those wire loops you just made and attach them to the other side of the heart.  Easy peasy.

DIY Heart Midi Ring

Slip your ring back onto the sizer and twist it around a bit to give it a nice round shape.  You may also want to take your pliers and squeeze gently on the loops to get them to line up nicely with each other.

That’s it!  Now you’re ready to wear your ring!  Here’s my attempt at styling it…what do you think?

DIY Heart Midi Ring

I admit that at first it felt really funny to wear; I kept feeling like my ring was falling off.  But, after a day or two, it started feeling a little more normal, and the look is growing on me.  Do you like it?  Is it cute?  Awkward?  Are you undecided?  In any case, I’m excited that I was able to make and try one for less than a buck!  And of course you could adapt this to be a regular ring too, just size it to fit your finger!

DIY Heart Midi Ring

 I *think* I really like it!  At least for today!


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  1. That is too cute! I’ve seen these a lot around on Pinterest, but I never bothered to actually click on the link and see the tutorial. I had no idea they were this simple to make. I guess I’ll be giving this a go. Hopefully before Valentine’s Day.

    Pinning this to a Valentine’s Collaboration board I am a part of. Thanks for sharing!

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