Stenciled Coffee Wall Art

If you’ve followed me here on the website or on social media for any length of time, you know that I am obsessed with coffee. Literally not a day goes by without me consuming some form of iced coffee, and my order at Starbucks is so long and specific that I’ve had baristas ask me if I work there. So, when I was choosing 20 quotes to turn into stencils for my new line with Stencil Revolution, I couldn’t help but throw in a few about my favorite beverage! Here’s how I used one of them to create a fun piece of wall art for my craft room.


Stenciled Coffee Wall Art

My favorite thing about these stencils is that now you can literally create the exact project I’m sharing, whether or not you know how to do hand lettering. You just need a few basic supplies, and you can make a sign that looks identical to mine. Check it out.

You’ll need:

a sign base: Mine is from Michaels, a gorgeous pre-framed chalkboard

Life Happens, Coffee Helps Stencil from the Amy Latta Collection at Stencil Revolution

white acrylic or multi-surface paint

stencil brush

small paintbrush

washi or painter’s tape

I found this pretty chalkboard at my local Michaels and got it for a great price because they had 50% off spring decor plus an additional 20% off coupon! If you can’t find this exact sign, though, you can use whatever base you like. Any wooden, metal, or canvas sign will work, and you can use whatever size is best for your space. My favorite thing about the Stencil Revolution stencils is that every design is available in a variety of sizes, so you can always find one that’s right for your project. I used the 18″x 12″ size, but you can also order it in 6″x 5″, 11″x 8.5″, 24″x 18″, 36″x 24″, 48″x 32″, and 55″x 35″!

Step 1: Tape your stencil in place.

Mine was the perfect size for my base, but if yours has a little more wiggle room, make sure it’s centered before you start.

Step 2: Use a stencil brush and white paint to fill in the open areas of the stencil.

Stencil brushes are specifically designed for the job and have bristles that are trimmed to create a flat top. The best practice for clean stenciling is to dip your brush in paint, then offload it by tapping it on scrap paper before applying it to your project. In stenciling, the most common issue is using too much paint, which will cause the excess paint to bleed underneath and ruin your crisp lines. Remember that less is more; it’s better to work with an almost-dry brush and spend more time filling in the space than to use too much paint. Rather than moving your wrist in a traditional painting motion, you’ll want to tap the flat surface of the brush up and down repeatedly until the area is filled in.

Remove the stencil while your paint is still wet. This is how your design should look. You can use a wet paper towel or q-tip to remove any mistakes. If you like how it looks, you can stop here, let your paint dry, then hang up your sign!

Personally, I like to do one extra step to make my project look truly hand lettered rather than stenciled. If you want to do the same, you can continue on to this next step.

Step 3: Fill in the bridging gaps with white paint and a small brush.

Those little breaks in the letters of a stencil are called the bridging. It’s what allows the stencil to be cut and the letters to look right. By going back and filling in those gaps, it will look like you painted the words rather than stenciling them.

That’s all there is to it! Once the paint is dry, your sign is complete and ready to display! I absolutely love how mine turned out.

Stenciled Coffee Art

What about you? Would you display a sign just like this in your home? Now you can, with just those few simple supplies, especially the Life Happens, Coffee Helps stencil! If coffee’s not your jam, there are plenty of other designs to choose from too…everything from single words like “gather” and “grateful” to seasonal messages and quotes designed to make you smile.

Check out the whole Stencils by Amy Latta collection and find your favorites!

Stenciled Coffee Art

Whether you recreate this exact project, or come up with something totally new, I’d love to see what you do with my stencils! Be sure to join the Amy Latta and Friends Facebook group if you haven’t already, so you can share your project photos and we can all be inspired.

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Stenciled Coffee Wall Art

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