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So, you’ve got some experience with arts and crafts…that’s awesome! It means we can skip over the super-basic things and get you creating right away. Here are some tutorials designed to inspire you that will hopefully match up with your level of skill and experience. {If you find that they don’t in a particular category or in general, you can check out the Newbie or Advanced recommendations instead.} Check out the categories below and choose whatever interests you the most. There are tons of posts available in each category, so when you find something you enjoy, be sure to click below the photos for even more ideas and tutorials. Let’s get going!


We’re going to assume you’re familiar with the basics, so let’s move on to some embellishments and practice pages to take your lettering to the next level.

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There are so many types of projects you can do with hand lettering! The ones featured below are particularly good for artists with some crafting experience too, because they combine lettering with painting and other media.

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Add some personal touches to your home with the help of these project ideas.

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One of my favorite ways to make my home decor unique is to tackle larger projects like painting furniture! Whether I re-paint things I already own or transform a piece from the thrift store, it’s like bringing something brand new into the house. Here are a few totally “doable” furniture transformations to inspire you with your own.

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These projects are fun and simple to do, but require some basic jewelry making skills, like wire loops and/or metal stamping.

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Looking for some fun crochet projects? I’m going to assume you already know the basic stitches and we’re going to look at a more advanced stitch along with some free patterns.

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