Mother’s Day Locket

Hey, friends!  Remember the other day I showed you a glass locket I personalized for myself with a cute little bird cage and the word “Fly”?  Well, at the end of that post, literally as I was typing it up, I got an idea.  An artsy-mama kind of idea.  It suddenly occurred to me that a glass locket would be the perfect way to showcase a tiny piece of kiddo art…and just in time for Mother’s Day!  I told you I was off to find my Little Crafter, and here’s what happened when I did!

Mother’s Day Locket with Child’s Art
Mother's Day Locket with child's art

TIME REQUIRED: 10 minutes
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: easy for even young children

Materials {mine were provided by Goody Beads}:
Silver Square Glass Locket 
Card stock
Markers, crayons, paint, etc…whatever the child wants to use
Necklace chain

Mother's Day Locket with child's art

This project couldn’t be easier!  All you have to do is open the locket and cut a square of paper or card stock that fits inside.  Give it to the child and allow them to decorate it in whatever way they like!  Little Crafter chose to use BIC Permanent Markers {we use those for our art because they’re acid free} to make a drawing for me.  He told me that the people are himself and Mommy and that we are walking in a field of dandelions.  So he can pick some for me.  I love it!  He narrated for me as he was drawing and told me, “I like to add detail to my pictures to make them interesting.” How adorable is that?!

Mother's Day Locket with child's art

Your Little Crafter could choose to paint instead, to use crayons, to make a collage using papers and glue like I did on my original locket…or really anything at all!  When the masterpiece is complete, just place it in the locket and secure the little lock on the side.  Any chain you have already should fit through the hole in the locket, or you can use a new one and add your own clasp.

Mother's Day Locket with child's art

It totally makes me melt!  Can you imagine receiving something like this for Mother’s Day?  Or giving one to a grandma?  How precious would that be?!  You know, it just occurred to me that you could also use a little child’s fingerprint and then turn it into something…hmmmm….gotta go!


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