Decorative Gilded Bowl

Decorative Gilded Bowls

Friends, you know I love shiny things, so it should come as no surprise that one of my favorite projects we made during my trip to Plaid Headquarters involved gilding! The folks at Plaid manufacture thousands of craft supplies, including the Martha Stewart Crafts® line, which was the focus of the workshop where we made these gorgeous decorative gilded bowls.
Decorative Gilded Bowls

These turned out so beautifully and were so simple to make. In fact, they’re pretty much fail-proof because there’s no set pattern where the gilding needs to go. Take a look at how easily you can create your own.

You’ll need:

a wooden bowl
Martha Stewart Crafts® Decorative Arts Paint
Martha Stewart Crafts® Gold Gilding Sheets
Martha Stewart Crafts® Gilding Adhesive
Martha Stewart Crafts® Gilding Brushes

Step 1: Paint the outside of your bowl and let it dry completely.
Depending on which paint you choose, you may need more than one coat. My turquoise gave good coverage and so did the black, but the girls who chose pink had to go over theirs again. We were working with just those three color options, but imagine all the gorgeous combinations you could make of different colors with the gold!

Step 2: Use a brush to apply Gilding Adhesive anywhere you want the gold sheet to stick.
I had no pattern, rhyme, or reason to the way I did this, it was completely random. The great thing is that if you realize you want more gold later, you can always add more adhesive.


Step 3: Once the adhesive turns from wet to tacky, gently lay a gold gilding sheet on top of it. Using a gilding brush, rub in a circular motion. The part where the adhesive is will stick and buff, the part where there’s no adhesive will just fall off. 

Continue to repeat this process until you have gold everywhere you placed adhesive. The more you gently rub with your brush, the more shine your gold areas will have.


I think these turned out absolutely stunning, and the process was surprisingly simple. I’ve actually had a pack of the Gold Gilding Sheets in my craft stash for several years now that I never used because I was intimidated, but now I’ll definitely be creating with them soon!

Decorative Gilded Bowls

What do you think? Is this something you’d like to create for your home?

PS. Here is a video that gives you a sneak peek behind the scenes during that tour of Plaid!


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