DIY Starbucks Iced Coffee Costume

Starbucks Iced Coffee Costume

Friends, as most of you know, I’m obsessed with coffee. This girl runs on Starbucks; my go-to order is a grande Salted Caramel Mocha, nonfat, no whip, with extra caramel drizzle. (PSA: you can actually get it all year, minus the salt, if you order a mocha with toffee nut syrup and caramel drizzle. You’re welcome.) On Halloween, I’m participating in a special themed episode of Good Day PA, so I had to come up with a great DIY costume to wear on the show. I have to say, I have never loved a costume more. Plus, it took less than an hour to make. Here’s how I created a DIY Starbucks Iced Coffee costume and you can too!

Starbucks Iced Coffee Costume

DIY Starbucks Iced Coffee Costume Materials:

Brown dress (I found this super comfy one on Amazon)

White feather boa

Cardboard tube

Green paper or felt

Clear plastic plate

Ribbon or elastic

Hot glue gun and glue


White Heat Transfer Vinyl

Electronic cutting machine (mine is the Cricut Explore Air 2)

Cricut EasyPress 2

Brown Tights and Shoes


Step 1: Cut the logo from white heat transfer vinyl.

Find a png image of the Starbucks logo online (that means it has a transparent background) and upload it into Cricut Design Studio or whatever program you have. The typical logo is a green circle with the white Siren inside, but on the cold cups, only the white part is printed. That means you’ll have to use your design program to remove the green parts and create a custom cut file. Load your machine with the white HTV, making sure the shiny side is facing down. Mirror the cut file and send it to the machine. Once the design is cut, peel off the excess vinyl, leaving just the part you want. Place your dress on top of a towel or a Cricut Easypress mat and place the cut image in the front center. My design is approximately 7.5″ x 7.5″ in size.

Step 2: Apply the HTV design to your dress.

Use the Cricut Easypress 2 or other heat press tool to adhere the design. Follow the recommended temperature and time settings for whatever material your dress is made from. Peel off the clear transfer sheet.


Step 1: Cut several 1″ slits around the bottom of the cardboard tube.

Step 2: Cover the tube with green paper.

I tried adhering the paper with glue dots, but they didn’t hold, so I switched to hot glue. This will be the straw.

Step 3: Spread out the tabs at the bottom of the tube and use hot glue to adhere them to the center of the plate.

Make sure your plate is turned upside down so that the shape resembles the lid of the cup.

Step 4: Glue Poly-fil around the base of the straw to cover up the tabs.

Step 5: Glue a piece of ribbon or elastic to the bottom center of the plate. 

This is what you’ll use to attach the hat to your head.

That’s it! Now all the assembly is complete; all that’s left is to wear and enjoy your costume! I chose to wear brown tights and shoes with my dress so that I was coffee-colored all the way to my toes. The feather boa represents whipped cream, and of course the hat is the perfect finishing touch.

Just for fun, I also wore a pair of earrings I bought on Etsy years ago that represent the caffeine molecule. I literally could not love this costume more. I can’t wait to debut it on television on Halloween!

Starbucks Iced Coffee Costume

What do you think? Is this a costume you’d wear? You could also customize it for your own favorite drink by changing the color and logo. If dresses aren’t your thing, a brown shirt and brown pants would work just as well too.

I’d love to see your favorite DIY costume ideas; be sure to share what you’re working on over in the Amy Latta and Friends Facebook group! The more the merrier! And in the meantime, don’t forget to Pin this post for later or to share with a friend.

DIY Starbucks Iced Coffee Costume

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