How to Doodle Sea Animals

Image contains an open sketchbook with drawings of a whale, a crab, a shark, and a stingray. It sits on a wooden background with two markers to the side.

One of my favorite ways to doodle is by drawing cute animals! Follow along with me in this short video and learn to draw four “under the sea” friends…a whale, a crab, a shark, and a stingray. All you need to get started is paper and a pencil. Then you can go back later with a fine-tip black marker and color to bring your doodles to life! Take a look:

If you enjoy these doodles, make sure to check out and pre-order my BRAND NEW DOODLE BOOK coming this October! It’s called Doodle Everything, and it contains over 400 doodles just like these, including more animals, vehicles, foods, drinks, flowers and plants, and so much more.

Image is the cover of the book, "Doodle Everything," by Amy Latta.

I’d love to see your versions of these fun under the sea friends; you can share your photos with me in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group so we can all be inspired. See you there!

Image is a collage of sea animal doodles.

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